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The shipping agency Cap. L. Cattaruzza srl was founded in 1962 thanks to the initiative and far-sightedness of both the cap. Luigi Cattaruzza and Mr Stelio Butti who, firstly as friends and colleagues (they used to navigate together as Captain and radio operator) and thereafter as partners, have understood the potential offered by the exceptional geographical position and by the available extended areas situated behind the quay, all that connected directly with the Trieste/Venezia/Udine motorway, the railway and few kilometres from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport.

The company has been growing steadily during the years, following the structural and traffic development of the port of Monfalcone and it has distinguished itself and became appreciated within the shipping community.

Currently it operates as shipping and forwarding agency and, with the contribution from the new generation, it carries out the activities with traditional dedication, commitment and seriousness, following the footsteps of the founders.

The constant training of the collaborators and the upgrading to new technology of the implements at their disposal, guarantee the reliability and the timeliness of the managed service through verified operating procedures and constantly improved with the ultimate goal of the customer’s satisfaction according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 which implementation was strongly wanted by the company.