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The forwarding agency department of the Cap. L. Cattaruzza s.r.l, is able to carry out all the kinds of customs related operations regarding the different kind of goods arrived by ship / train or by truck or to manage the loading and/or the unloading of the provisions/stores and ship’s spare-parts.

The offices are strategically situated near the entrance to the port of Monfalcone, close to the Customs house, with a large parking for the trucks in order to provide the best reception service without leaving the drivers of the vehicles to wait.

The professionalism of our employees, combined with their constant professional training and technologically advanced implements at their disposal, has always distinguished us as reliable and competitive partners.

We have joined the National association of Forwarding agents Fedespedi in order to be always updated regarding the common field-related issues identified at national level and from 10 May 2016 we are in possession of the customs certification which qualifies us as AEO “authorized economic operator” – customs simplifications (aeo-c).